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Report date: 2021-07-19 16:31:46

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This page takes too long to load, it has a lot of improving opportunities.

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16.64 s

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Load time for this page is problematic and the user experience is being negatively affected. The goal is to be under 2 seconds in order to delight your users.

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2.6 MB


The weight of this page is problematic and user experience is being affected negatively, especially on mobile devices. The goal is to be under 500 KB in total.

HTTP Requests

119 requests

0 60 119

The amount of requests needed to render this page is excessive. It is far from recommended parameters and needs to be improved. The goal is to be under 25 requests, try to reduce them.

Recommendations to optimise this page

These recommendations are presented sorted by performance impact, pick the issues with higher impact, with a lower estimated amount of work to fix them. Repeat until you're happy with the results.

Potential Impact

Consider lazy-loading offscreen and hidden images after all critical resources have finished loading to lower time to interactive. Learn more.

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Reduce unused rules from stylesheets and defer CSS not used for above-the-fold content to decrease bytes consumed by network activity. Learn more.

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Keep the server response time for the main document short because all other requests depend on it. Learn more.

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Polyfills and transforms enable legacy browsers to use new JavaScript features. However, many aren't necessary for modern browsers. For your bundled JavaScript, adopt a modern script deployment strategy using module/nomodule feature detection to reduce the amount of code shipped to modern browsers, while retaining support for legacy browsers. Learn More

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Server 91% Images 46% Content 50% CSS 79% JavaScript 66%

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