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This is a fast website, but don't sleep, there are still some pending tweaks for this page.

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1.46 s

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This page has a considerably better score than the average and this metric adapts to recommended values. Will you be able to reach 1 second or less?

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The page has an excellent weight size, it's clearly better than the average and even improves recommended parameters. The goal is to be under 500 KB in total. Well done!

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88 requests

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While this page needs less requests than the average, it's outside the recommended parameters. The goal is to be under 25 requests, this affects the overall score.

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Reduce unused rules from stylesheets and defer CSS not used for above-the-fold content to decrease bytes consumed by network activity. Learn more.

URLSizeSaving 74 KB73.28 KB

Keep the server response time for the main document short because all other requests depend on it. Learn more.

URLSizeSaving 0 KB0 KB

Resources are blocking the first paint of your page. Consider delivering critical JS/CSS inline and deferring all non-critical JS/styles. Learn more.

URLSizeSaving 74 KB600 ms


Server 80% Images 100% Content 93% CSS 84% JavaScript 100%

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