Using Custom Cell Renderers in Xojo

By Ricardo Cruz, 2021-09-13
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I wrote a tutorial in their blog about using custom cell renderers in your Xojo Web projects. Another one will follow, where you will learn how to go beyond and create your own cells for your WebListView controls.

Using Custom Cell Renderers in Xojo

Using this technique you will be able to reuse a big part of your webapps, as tables are one of the most common components used on them. The best part is you are not only going to reuse them within your project, but also across multiple of them.

Just so you don’t have to create your own controls from scratch, I’ve prepared also this Open Source Project with four ready to use cells.

I really hope you find useful this tutorial about using custom cell renderers in Xojo.

Xojo has been one of my secret weapons for the last three years, approximately. It’s both, a language and a fantastic IDE, containing the GUI builder and the code editor. While you can create native desktop and mobile applications with Xojo, you can also create web applications.

See you in the next article!

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